Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taylor's Refresher

Guy's Dives, Diners and Drive-inns on the Food Network has been going around toting that Taylor's Refresher in St. Helena has the best burgers in the US. I have been to Taylor's in St. Helena 5 years ago and I remember it been a fabulous burger. The line to order was long but you could smell the burgers and garlic fries a mile away.

D discovered that Taylor's has a location at the Ferry Building in SF so we decided to try that one instead since we ran out of time in Napa. We took MIL D shopping at Union Square at the new Bloomies at the newly restored Emporium Building. We worked up an appetite ready to devour out food. Of course my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I ate until I was clutching my tummy. Best. Dam. $9 Burger. Ever.

Black & White Milk Shake - made w/ Double Rainbow Ice cream
Chili Bowl - House made beef & chili bean topped w/ cheddar and green onions
Wisconsin Sourdough - A burger w/ grilled mushrooms, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo & BBQ sauce on grilled sourdough
Fish & Chips - Fresh Mahi Mahi battered and fried, served w/ fries, slaw, tarter sauce, lemon wedge and green onions
Garlic Fries - Tossed in garlic butter and parsley

Everything was my favorite. The mahi mahi was so fresh that when I bite into it, the juices came out. It was moist and juicy. I dipped my garlic fries into the chili. Two things that go so well together. Just heaven. The burger was juicy and huge. So.Dam.Good. Yep, I'm coming here again.


WeezerMonkey said...

Can you hear my stomach growling?
'Cause it is.

Trisha said...

No joke, my mouth started watering when I read this!

dapotato said...

The Wisconsin Sourdough is my favorite!
[I've only been once, but I samples my companions' burgers, too.]

I(dot)J said...

Damn, did you bring us back anything? I asked Clif about Taylor's but he's never been. And shopping at Union is d-best-ever! We were just there in May. I so love SF.

R said...

Damn. Everything looks soo good!

amber said...

duuuude... so freaking hungry now!