Tuesday, August 28, 2007


D planned a weekend getaway to Napa/Sonoma for our anniversary. He did such a fantastic job where I didn't have to lift a finger. Everything was taken care of. He's such a great hubby. We flew into San Jose (long story) and got into our rental car; drove to IL's house for the night.

Next morning we drove up to Sonoma for brunch at The Girl and the Fig Cafe. We sat in the patio area. It was really nice and beautiful out back. The only downer were the flies buzzing around. EW.

The food was fabulous and heavy. Nothing like the American fare of pancakes. See for yourself.

We ordered:

croques madame consisting of 2 slices of brioche, “St George” cheese, Niman Ranch jambon, mornay sauce, poached egg

leek & chevre tart with a side salad

We had some time to kill so we walked around the town. D knows how much I love cheese that he steered me to the Sonoma Cheese Factory. They had different variations of jack cheeses for you to try. But I was more interested in the brie. Plus full from breakfast, my stomach couldn't hold anymore. It's a great place to pick up sandwiches and cheese if you plan on picnicking in the area.

D has made an appointment for a couples and massage at Lavender Hill Spa in Calistoga. It's a cute little refuge. We lounged by the garden before our Volcanic Ash Mud bath for two. We were led to a suite where two tubs were side by side. After our bath, we laid down on the bed for a cool down and foot rub. Ahhhhhh, such bliss.

After our muscles had a chance to loosen, it was time for our couples massage. The only thing that sucks is that it's across the street. In our robes, we crossed the busy street and entered another suite where our masseuses were waiting for us. My masseuse worked my back and turned it to jello. He said there was so many knots that he kept asking me if the pressure was ok. His magic fingers dissolved the knots and I have never felt better.

Passing through Napa we stopped at Beaulieu Vineyard and Beringer for some tasting. We walked out w/ some sparkling wine and couple bottles of chardonnay and pinot noir. Eventho we're not much wine drinkers, we loved the taste and would enjoy it at home.

D did such a wonderful job of planning our anniversary trip that I think he should plan all our vacations from now on.


WeezerMonkey said...

I know you changed the title of your blog, but you are still totally eating your way through life.

dapotato said...

oh yum. sounds delish. i so want to go to the girl and the fig now.

i'm glad you found a nice spa. boo to calistoga ranch for only being open to its guests! :(

R said...

Yay for D planning such a great weekend. :)