Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Memetag: 8 random things

I've been memetagged by the monkey. Woohoo my first one so here goes:

1. I <3 Hello Kitty, her little white face and red bow. So.Dam.Cute. Plus I read Hello Kitty Hell hoping he would post news of other HK products.

2. Secretly, I'm a nerd. I love playing video games and my current game I must finish is Rayman. I love this game. I get to scream along w/ the bunnies, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaack!" and blast them off the page. heehee. I even got Paper Mario for my bday present which is waiting to be opened once I finish Rayman.

3. Teddy has my heart. I love that furry lil' stinker. I don't know what I'd do w/o him. If I don't see his boba eyes for more than 12 hours, I end up missing him and have to go home and play w/ him. We chase each other around the house and and roll on the floor together. Plus he lets me put clothes on him. The best dress up toy ever. sigh...

4. I love to window, online, blog, or outlet shop. Hence the name hag w/ a big bag.

5. I can't eat sweets as much as I used to. This really sucks and my sweet tooth now has an affinity to fried stuff.

6. Food is another passion of mine. You can tell from how much weight I've gained. I love reading recipe books and watch the Food Network like it's CNN. I love to cook and try new notable restaurants. I just love the dinning experience and also a great home cooked meal. (I miss my mom's cooking.)

7. I love eating popcorn. But I stay away from it as much as I can. If I eat too much, I get sick and toss it all back out. It has happened more than I can remember. Ya, very sad.

8. Currently I'm obsessed w/ decorating magazines and their aesthetics. The pages in the magazine like Domino are the new porn.

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WeezerMonkey said...

Thanks for playing! I, too, love Teddy's boba eyes. His mohawk is too perfect. :)