Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Helluva Crazy Week

It's been an insane week. I can't believe how fast it came and went. Such a whirlwind. Let's start shall we?

Sun, August 5

D and I woke up real early to grab some HK style breakfast at Hong Kong Cafe. It's been ages since we've been and I've been looking forward to the toasted pineapple bun. Yum.

We headed over to IKEA b/c the night before we saw in the 'as is' section this:

Anedoba Wardrobe

Marked down from $79.99 to $50! Such a great deal There was no way that wardrobe was going to fit in my two door car. That's why this morning we borrowed my parents mini van and sat there waiting for IKEA to open before someone could snake our find.

We ended up purchasing tons of more things since we knew our vehicle could handle it. Of course we had to get the matching chest drawer:

And a new table for my sweat shoppe corner:
VIKA AMON/ VIKA CURRY in birch effect

I did pick up some containers for my candy buffet. What a steal!

I attended a wedding later in the afternoon w/ my fellow e-friends IRL in Santa Fe Springs. Dapotato tied the knot at The Clarke Estate in Santa Fe Springs. Everyone was such a good sport and sat through the entire ceremony in the HEAT. Weemo has the best recap.

K.S. and I had the job duty of being guest book nazis. It was really cool to take pictures of taters guest and see them get excited over the polaroid picture and writing a sweet sentiment. Congrats dapotat + bear. May you live happily ever after.

Sat, August 4

D went to pick up our brand new fridge. It was such a tiring day b/c I had to clean out our 14 year old fridge. It was an energy guzzler and the new one we were getting was energy efficient. Another way we can go green.

Amana bottom freezer fridge

The fridge is absolutely beautiful. Everytime I open it the top light shines down sounds like angels singing. Every now and then I just walk up and open the fridge to hear the angels sing. Music to my ears. Now to go grocery shopping.


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