Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taylor's Refresher

Guy's Dives, Diners and Drive-inns on the Food Network has been going around toting that Taylor's Refresher in St. Helena has the best burgers in the US. I have been to Taylor's in St. Helena 5 years ago and I remember it been a fabulous burger. The line to order was long but you could smell the burgers and garlic fries a mile away.

D discovered that Taylor's has a location at the Ferry Building in SF so we decided to try that one instead since we ran out of time in Napa. We took MIL D shopping at Union Square at the new Bloomies at the newly restored Emporium Building. We worked up an appetite ready to devour out food. Of course my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I ate until I was clutching my tummy. Best. Dam. $9 Burger. Ever.

Black & White Milk Shake - made w/ Double Rainbow Ice cream
Chili Bowl - House made beef & chili bean topped w/ cheddar and green onions
Wisconsin Sourdough - A burger w/ grilled mushrooms, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo & BBQ sauce on grilled sourdough
Fish & Chips - Fresh Mahi Mahi battered and fried, served w/ fries, slaw, tarter sauce, lemon wedge and green onions
Garlic Fries - Tossed in garlic butter and parsley

Everything was my favorite. The mahi mahi was so fresh that when I bite into it, the juices came out. It was moist and juicy. I dipped my garlic fries into the chili. Two things that go so well together. Just heaven. The burger was juicy and huge. So.Dam.Good. Yep, I'm coming here again.

Happy Anniversary to us!

A dare brought on by some friends, I suggested that D and I dress up in full wedding garb for our anniversary dinner Sunday night. El Dorado Kitchen is a VERY casual restaurant opened a former sous chef at The French Laundry. Since D and I can't picture spending $300+/person yet, we figured the next best thing would be EDK.

D was super excited about the idea of dressing up. He woke me up the morning of to see what he should pack and if I really did still fit in my dress. Of course I didn't. It wouldn't zip up halfway but the amateur seamstress that I am figured out how to wear the dress. I sewed strips of satin ribbon to the back and turned it into a corset. Then draped a shawl covering it. Voila!

When we got out of the car, we got so many stare and lookers. A woman stopped while driving in the middle of the street to roll down the window to congratulate us. We were giggling the whole time.

Proof positive:

In the car all gussed up. We had to change and get dressed in the car.

We told our waitress that we were celebrating our 1st anniversary so she brought out two flute of bubbly for us. Awwww...

The Food

Soft Shell Crab Prince Edward Island Mussels

Niman Ranch Osso Bucco Beef Tenderloin

We were too full for our complimentary dessert. And a bit tipsy from drinking the bubbly. heehee

D said he had such a great time dressing up, that he wanted to do it again. I'm so glad I married this guy. He's just as crazy as I am. Happy Anniversary to us!

Last but not least, Married @ EDK!!!

Pony up suckas!


D planned a weekend getaway to Napa/Sonoma for our anniversary. He did such a fantastic job where I didn't have to lift a finger. Everything was taken care of. He's such a great hubby. We flew into San Jose (long story) and got into our rental car; drove to IL's house for the night.

Next morning we drove up to Sonoma for brunch at The Girl and the Fig Cafe. We sat in the patio area. It was really nice and beautiful out back. The only downer were the flies buzzing around. EW.

The food was fabulous and heavy. Nothing like the American fare of pancakes. See for yourself.

We ordered:

croques madame consisting of 2 slices of brioche, “St George” cheese, Niman Ranch jambon, mornay sauce, poached egg

leek & chevre tart with a side salad

We had some time to kill so we walked around the town. D knows how much I love cheese that he steered me to the Sonoma Cheese Factory. They had different variations of jack cheeses for you to try. But I was more interested in the brie. Plus full from breakfast, my stomach couldn't hold anymore. It's a great place to pick up sandwiches and cheese if you plan on picnicking in the area.

D has made an appointment for a couples and massage at Lavender Hill Spa in Calistoga. It's a cute little refuge. We lounged by the garden before our Volcanic Ash Mud bath for two. We were led to a suite where two tubs were side by side. After our bath, we laid down on the bed for a cool down and foot rub. Ahhhhhh, such bliss.

After our muscles had a chance to loosen, it was time for our couples massage. The only thing that sucks is that it's across the street. In our robes, we crossed the busy street and entered another suite where our masseuses were waiting for us. My masseuse worked my back and turned it to jello. He said there was so many knots that he kept asking me if the pressure was ok. His magic fingers dissolved the knots and I have never felt better.

Passing through Napa we stopped at Beaulieu Vineyard and Beringer for some tasting. We walked out w/ some sparkling wine and couple bottles of chardonnay and pinot noir. Eventho we're not much wine drinkers, we loved the taste and would enjoy it at home.

D did such a wonderful job of planning our anniversary trip that I think he should plan all our vacations from now on.

Memetag: 8 random things

I've been memetagged by the monkey. Woohoo my first one so here goes:

1. I <3 Hello Kitty, her little white face and red bow. So.Dam.Cute. Plus I read Hello Kitty Hell hoping he would post news of other HK products.

2. Secretly, I'm a nerd. I love playing video games and my current game I must finish is Rayman. I love this game. I get to scream along w/ the bunnies, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaack!" and blast them off the page. heehee. I even got Paper Mario for my bday present which is waiting to be opened once I finish Rayman.

3. Teddy has my heart. I love that furry lil' stinker. I don't know what I'd do w/o him. If I don't see his boba eyes for more than 12 hours, I end up missing him and have to go home and play w/ him. We chase each other around the house and and roll on the floor together. Plus he lets me put clothes on him. The best dress up toy ever. sigh...

4. I love to window, online, blog, or outlet shop. Hence the name hag w/ a big bag.

5. I can't eat sweets as much as I used to. This really sucks and my sweet tooth now has an affinity to fried stuff.

6. Food is another passion of mine. You can tell from how much weight I've gained. I love reading recipe books and watch the Food Network like it's CNN. I love to cook and try new notable restaurants. I just love the dinning experience and also a great home cooked meal. (I miss my mom's cooking.)

7. I love eating popcorn. But I stay away from it as much as I can. If I eat too much, I get sick and toss it all back out. It has happened more than I can remember. Ya, very sad.

8. Currently I'm obsessed w/ decorating magazines and their aesthetics. The pages in the magazine like Domino are the new porn.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Mr. FedEx man

Where are you? I need the package for tomorrow. Otherwise I'm screwed. I'm getting ready to hunt you down. Believe me, I've hunted down the UPS man before and was successful. I'll put that story in my pocket for a rainy day. Better deliver my package.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Kitty 2yo party

D and I ended our Sat attending a 2 yo's bday party out in the 909, Ri-ver-side! Holla! It was Hello Kitty themed w/ a side of Korean BBQ. Hello Kitty themed! Now that's my kind of party.

My friends just bought a house out there. It was a four bdr, 2 bath, swimming pool/jacuzzi house. I was super jealous since D and I have been searching for a home to start the Cee clan. The value of her home equates to a 2 bdr condo in my area. It's soo depressing b/c she had what I've been looking for. Am I willing to live in the 909 and commute like her husband to downtown for work? Riverside? D and I thought long and hard and weren't ready to take that step yet. Hopefully the housing market will improve in the next year. But I am really happy for my friend. She has a beautiful house for her daughter to grow up in and glad that it'll be a happy home. Congrats.

The bday girl and her HK sweets. Happy bday M! You are becoming such the lil' diva just like your momma.

D and I ran to the jumper once the kids left. heehee.

Poor Kitty.

Tour of LA, party shopping style

My Sat was spent driving all over L.A. Thank goodness I wasn't stuck in traffic majority of the time. My day started out w/ a drive out to BH to look for some party supplies for future events since I've heard great things about Party on La Cienega and Vine-American Party Store. I first made a stop to Mood Fabrics since taters and Miss Pearl blogged about the place. I scoured the place for materials for my upcoming veil collection. My to my excitement, the selection wasn't as great as Michael Levine. Plus it was even more expensive but I have to admit, their fabrics are luxurious and quality is so much better. If I was planning on making a gown, I would for sure hit it up but for $50/yd, I'll hold off for now.

Onward to Party on La Cienega; was a dud. They were remodeling the place so their selections on baby shower stuff wasn't so great so I left empty handed. They did have a plethora of paper supplies great for making your own invitations and printing shoppe.

Since I had some time to kill before meeting up with Jennifer at Kinara I drove up to the Beverly Center to pay a visit to Momoberry, headquarters of Hello Kitty goodies for big kids like me. I did pick up some charms for my purse and cell phone. WHEEEE.

Time for my meeting with Jennifer. It went really well and I got to take a peek at a bridal shower that was currently going one. An SCCC that I am took tons of pictures. It's going to be a fabulous baby shower for Wan next wkend. I can't wait.

Sorry, you only get this photo since I want it to a be surprise for the ladies who are reading my blog. I'll definitely put up the photos once the shower is over.

I was a Starvin Marvin so I took D to Mario's Peruvian, owned by a Japanese Peruvian family which was along the way home. I've heard great reviews about this place and have been wanting to try it. I ordered the Everything Ceviche and D had the Lomo Saltado. The ceviche was refreshing for the hot weather and very sour. The Lomo Saltado was delish and tasty, strips of beef sauteed in onions, tomatoes, and french fried potatoes served with rice w/ a side of the spicy 'green' sauce (Peruvian version of the Sriracha sauce). D really liked the food since he's never had Peruvian before. The place isn't a posh spot nor it it THAT ghetto like some people have said. Definitely be coming back here if I plan on being in the area.