Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Kitty 2yo party

D and I ended our Sat attending a 2 yo's bday party out in the 909, Ri-ver-side! Holla! It was Hello Kitty themed w/ a side of Korean BBQ. Hello Kitty themed! Now that's my kind of party.

My friends just bought a house out there. It was a four bdr, 2 bath, swimming pool/jacuzzi house. I was super jealous since D and I have been searching for a home to start the Cee clan. The value of her home equates to a 2 bdr condo in my area. It's soo depressing b/c she had what I've been looking for. Am I willing to live in the 909 and commute like her husband to downtown for work? Riverside? D and I thought long and hard and weren't ready to take that step yet. Hopefully the housing market will improve in the next year. But I am really happy for my friend. She has a beautiful house for her daughter to grow up in and glad that it'll be a happy home. Congrats.

The bday girl and her HK sweets. Happy bday M! You are becoming such the lil' diva just like your momma.

D and I ran to the jumper once the kids left. heehee.

Poor Kitty.


dapotato said...

ahem. isn't it the 951? whatevs, still BFE.

so much HK! you must have been jealous of the 2 yo.

poor kitty indeed. :(

WeezerMonkey said...

It's 951. I'm from Riverside!
That was an awesome party.

Lilcee said...

It's still the 909 to meeee!

wan-nabe said...

that was an adorable party, and such a cute birthday girl. although the last picture of the HK pinata was a little sad.

dude, i couldn't do it - no way could i move out to the IE again. i don't care if we have to rent for five more years.

R said...

I love the HK cookies and cake. :)

I feel ya on the house deal. We're waiting. :)

winnie said...

The last picture just looks so depressing :X