Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dahlias you say?

Who knew dahlias were in season? If I would've known, I would've used them at my wedding. Dapotato had them in her bouquet and it looked beautiful.

Tater and BM's bouquets

I saw them again on {frolic} blogging how great centerpieces they would make.

Indeed they would. Plus the colors are poi-fect for my table. Woohoo!! The only is I would omit is the bear grass. I might find some other type of green leaves at the flowermart. I can't wait to go on Sat morning. It's a great way to start the day.

The photos were linked courtesy of Rose and Radish, another great design website. I love how they showcase the flowers of the season and display them creatively as arrangements. Ah, another link I will add to my daily reads.


WeezerMonkey said...

Ooh! Pretty!

California Girl said...

I love flowers. Seriously, aren't they such an expression of life and all it's awesomeness??

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

I used them for my bouquet, and for the tables too. They are my favorite flower, and some are REALLY huge!