Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

A dare brought on by some friends, I suggested that D and I dress up in full wedding garb for our anniversary dinner Sunday night. El Dorado Kitchen is a VERY casual restaurant opened a former sous chef at The French Laundry. Since D and I can't picture spending $300+/person yet, we figured the next best thing would be EDK.

D was super excited about the idea of dressing up. He woke me up the morning of to see what he should pack and if I really did still fit in my dress. Of course I didn't. It wouldn't zip up halfway but the amateur seamstress that I am figured out how to wear the dress. I sewed strips of satin ribbon to the back and turned it into a corset. Then draped a shawl covering it. Voila!

When we got out of the car, we got so many stare and lookers. A woman stopped while driving in the middle of the street to roll down the window to congratulate us. We were giggling the whole time.

Proof positive:

In the car all gussed up. We had to change and get dressed in the car.

We told our waitress that we were celebrating our 1st anniversary so she brought out two flute of bubbly for us. Awwww...

The Food

Soft Shell Crab Prince Edward Island Mussels

Niman Ranch Osso Bucco Beef Tenderloin

We were too full for our complimentary dessert. And a bit tipsy from drinking the bubbly. heehee

D said he had such a great time dressing up, that he wanted to do it again. I'm so glad I married this guy. He's just as crazy as I am. Happy Anniversary to us!

Last but not least, Married @ EDK!!!

Pony up suckas!


WeezerMonkey said...

Shit. I need to send you money now. Too funny.

R said...

Fan-fucking-tastic!! I will gladly pay up on this one. You win! And how funny is it that D was in to it too? I love it.

dapotato said...

which email address do you use for paypal?

oh wait, just take it out of the extra from the baby shower.

you guys are the bestest. i'm showing mr. tater and planting the seed now...

California Girl said...

You are one funny bitch! This is quite fabulous, m'dear!

wan-nabe said...

Oh, my effing gawd. I'm seriously just dead over here. And I thought I did well getting big E to put his tie on and take pictures at home!!

Shit, I gotta send money too.

winnie said...

Too. Funny.

I love how D was totally into it too :)

Ricci said...

yesssssss! you rock my socks!