Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Iron Man at the Dome

Mr. Cee spent his Friday at happy hour at Mojitos while I stayed at home waiting for the rental guy to drop off the chairs for tomorrow's event. I'm hosting PharmD and Chinaman's baby shower. So much prepping for a lil ol party.

Later that evening we met up w/ some friends to celebrate TexanLonghorn's bday by watching Iron Man opening day at the ArcLight. Thank goodness we pre-ordered our tix and scored some awesome reserved seats. No waiting in lines. I'm too old to be waiting in line for a flick. Ah, to be young again.

Someone got Texan an Iron Man t-shirt and we scored him an action figure. Of course we had him take an actual pic w/ the display. Of course I had to take in on the action.

They also displayed the Audi from the movie. Such a drool worthy car. One day. Le sigh.

The movie was awesome. When I first heard that Robert Downey Jr was playing a super hero, i scoffed at the idea. Well, I was proven wrong. Loved him and it was perfect. Very sassy in the movie. I won't spoil it for the rest of you but after seeing that movie, I don't know how I'm gonna watch the rest of the summer blockbusters. Oh and SpeedRacer looks like a candy coated explosion of lameness.


After 8 weeks of training the day is finally here. He first has to take his test before he can graduate. So much pressure!


Yes I'm a proud momma. He's just too darn cute and so well behaved. He passed with flying colors. Yay!

Getting his certificate of completion