Tuesday, July 31, 2007


That store is owned by the devil. I walk in there to buy a photo album and floss...$50 later, two shopping bags full of stuff. No clue what I bought. Something at the card aisle did catch my eye.

EEEEE!!!! My party colors, pink and orange [thanks Weemo for the inspiration]. Sooo cool. I quickly snatched it up. I think it'll go great as table runners for the dinner. I hope the dots isn't too crazy. I'll keep it for safe keeping for now.

"My Super Sweet 30th" invites

Monday, July 30, 2007


Has finally opened in Pasadena on Fair Oaks where Lamonica's Pizza used to be. It's about fucking time. This sign has been posted for the last 5 months taunting me.

Lo and behold, today I get an email today:

Step Inside as Old Town Pasadena welcomes its very own Pinkberry.

19 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105
Map626 744 0505

Swirling Hours
Sun - Thur 11 am - 11 pm
Fri + Sat 11 am - 12 am

For a complete Store Listing please visit Pinkberry.com

Sincerely,Your Fellow Groupi

Aww hell, that means I have to make a trek up in my hood. Parking is going to be a bitch. I guess tomorrow is a good of a day to taste that sweet tartness on my lips.

Tansformers. More than meets the eye.

On Sat morning, I went to a Lisa See book signing a the Barnes & Noble in Tustin for her new book Peony in Love. This is her 7th book in print. I was just super excited to meet her in person since I read On Gold Mountain. I felt a connection when I read the book. My great grandfather like hers, came to California to build the railroad and to better their lives since California aka, Gold Mountain, was where you would find riches. Like everyone else, that dream was shattered when they realized that gold couldn't be plucked off the ground and he returned home to China. Lisa's grandfather stayed and build his life by opening a curios shop and marrying a Caucasian woman. He then moved down to L.A. Chinatown and opened up shop there and later on, two more stores in Pasadena and Long Beach. To this day, it still exists which is currently managed by Lisa's uncle. I practically grew up in Chinatown and remember going into that store w/ my parents when I was a kid. It always amazes me to read the history behind my culture. I don't know why but I just love it. It's sad to realize that one day, that piece of history may no longer be there.

I wish I had brought my book, On Gold Mountain for her to sign. But I couldn't find it. Either I lost it when I moved or one of my cousins borrowed it and hasn't [never] will return it. Sigh....I guess I order another copy.

Lisa was a great speaker at the event. Very entertaining, even D had a great time. She explained the background and research behind her new book Peony in Love. It's about a story of Maidens in China who fall in love w/ the lyrics from The Peony Pavillion, an epic opera and wastes away as a result since they will never have the chance to fall in love since they are in arranged marriages.

I did pick up a copy and one for Mei. I'm sure she'll love it. First I have to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows first.

D and I finally had a chance to watch it on Sat night at our local theater, the old Alhambra Edwards. Brings back HS memories of the days when we used to movie hop. I digress.

Best. Movie. Ever. Josh Duhamel is dam smoking as usual. Shiloh LeBeouf has grown up a lot and is hilarious as a teenager w/ raging hormones can be. I noticed there are some inconsistencies w/ the movie like where the hell are Optimus Prime and the others when Bumblebee lost his legs? The best scenes are when they transform. So cool and awesome. I want to go see it again. But first, must watch Ratatouille.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nordstroms' Anniversary Sale

Last night I went on a returning spree for all the clothes or shall i say lingerie for the b-pics. I ended up returning $100 worth of merchandise. Instead of leaving like I planned to, I went to Sports Chalet to buy D some shoes for tennis. He was complaining about his running shoes aren't cutting it on the court. So the nice wifey that I am bought him a new pair of New Balance tennis shoes with the help of the sales boy.

I finally got a chance to hit up the anniversary sale at Nordies despite Kristie's disappointment when she went. Yep, I found nothing to buy. Most of the stores in the mall are already carrying fall clothing. I'm not ready for fall yet, I'm just getting started on my summer. sigh...

But I did purchase my first set of pearl studs at Nords. I feel so grown up now. I thought they would look great w/ my dress for tater's wedding next weekend. I can't wait!

Majorica Pearl Studs/8mm, photo Saks 5th Avenue $45

New Balance CT1002 Tennis Shoe Mens

All in all, not bad. I controlled my spending. I felt like I needed to something nice to wear. Also, when I meet vendors, I can wear pearls and look all grown up so that they'll take me seriously.

Forever 21 Florencia Dress $27.80

I can't wait to wear my newly purchased dress from F21. It reminds me of Springchic's wedding. Her wedding was absolutely fabulous.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

B is for Boudoir

I've been wanting to take these photos forever. It's just too expensive and the list of photographers who are currently doing it have different styles.

After much researching, I decided on using Christine Farah. She started out as a knottie, understudied w/ Michael Norwood Photography and eventually improved so much that her blog is getting lots of hits and bookings. Good for her. I met her at in person at Weemo's bday party and immediately felt comfortable with her.

photo courtesy of Christine Farah Photography

Never knew how much prep work went into boudoir. I'm not talking about the primping but looking for location [since my apt really wasn't great to photograph and a mess]. Thank goodness I wasn't planning it alone. If it wasn't for K. I wouldn't have gone through with it. We went through a list of hotels and chose Figueroa Hotel in downtown. I ended up booking the Medina suite b/c of the colors on the walls, it's going to look amazing.

Now we got the hotel down; but I wanted pictures associated w/ water. I got the idea from Jim Kennedy boudoir shoots. I love the bathtub and beach scenes. I think those are so cool. I don't think I could go through with it if a man shot my pictures. Kinda creepy. I remember a party I went to for LaLa's going away party. The rooftop pool at PE Lofts was really cool. Immediately I knew this was the second scene. We ended up booking the place for freee! My kinda words.

The locations are set. Time to figure out my outfit(s). I shopped at Victorias Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood, Leg Avenue, and countless hours on the internet looking for inspirations.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kwa: (n) A Chinese Wedding Dress

I finally decided to sell my kwa. I know I won't be able to wear it again. Maybe for Halloween but that might prove difficult since it would be considered an expensive, delicate costume made of silk and beautiful beading.

I purchased it during my fevor wedding stuff shopping in Hong Kong. I realized this is the only time I can wear a kwa instead of a cheongsam and I thought it would be neat. I really loved wearing the kwa.

I put it up on , a wedding forum for Chinese brides. Eventually I got a bite, it was sold to a bride in New York after much email exchanges and haggling. While I was wrapping it up, I felt an attachment to the dress. I didn't want to sell it. This is what I wore for our Tea Ceremony and MY wedding. But I knew if I kept it, it would sit in my closet. I would rather another bride unexpectly love the dress as much as I did. I was saddened once I left the Post Office. I never knew I would be so sentimentally attached to a kwa.