Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kwa: (n) A Chinese Wedding Dress

I finally decided to sell my kwa. I know I won't be able to wear it again. Maybe for Halloween but that might prove difficult since it would be considered an expensive, delicate costume made of silk and beautiful beading.

I purchased it during my fevor wedding stuff shopping in Hong Kong. I realized this is the only time I can wear a kwa instead of a cheongsam and I thought it would be neat. I really loved wearing the kwa.

I put it up on , a wedding forum for Chinese brides. Eventually I got a bite, it was sold to a bride in New York after much email exchanges and haggling. While I was wrapping it up, I felt an attachment to the dress. I didn't want to sell it. This is what I wore for our Tea Ceremony and MY wedding. But I knew if I kept it, it would sit in my closet. I would rather another bride unexpectly love the dress as much as I did. I was saddened once I left the Post Office. I never knew I would be so sentimentally attached to a kwa.

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Michael said...

have u sold of the kwa? pls reply