Tuesday, July 24, 2007

B is for Boudoir

I've been wanting to take these photos forever. It's just too expensive and the list of photographers who are currently doing it have different styles.

After much researching, I decided on using Christine Farah. She started out as a knottie, understudied w/ Michael Norwood Photography and eventually improved so much that her blog is getting lots of hits and bookings. Good for her. I met her at in person at Weemo's bday party and immediately felt comfortable with her.

photo courtesy of Christine Farah Photography

Never knew how much prep work went into boudoir. I'm not talking about the primping but looking for location [since my apt really wasn't great to photograph and a mess]. Thank goodness I wasn't planning it alone. If it wasn't for K. I wouldn't have gone through with it. We went through a list of hotels and chose Figueroa Hotel in downtown. I ended up booking the Medina suite b/c of the colors on the walls, it's going to look amazing.

Now we got the hotel down; but I wanted pictures associated w/ water. I got the idea from Jim Kennedy boudoir shoots. I love the bathtub and beach scenes. I think those are so cool. I don't think I could go through with it if a man shot my pictures. Kinda creepy. I remember a party I went to for LaLa's going away party. The rooftop pool at PE Lofts was really cool. Immediately I knew this was the second scene. We ended up booking the place for freee! My kinda words.

The locations are set. Time to figure out my outfit(s). I shopped at Victorias Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood, Leg Avenue, and countless hours on the internet looking for inspirations.

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