Thursday, September 27, 2007


Last night D and I finally got to see the 'thrilling' Wicked at Pantages. We had bought the tickets back in January and in order to get great seats, we had to wait 9 mths. Our seats were awesome that I could see their expressions and not close enough for them to spit on me. [not that they would]

I went there w/o any expectations since there has been so much hype about it. I LOVED IT!

The music and lyrics was so much fun to listen to. Glinda was a riot and Elphaba played a fantastic 'good' witch. Who knew they were the best of friends and like some friendships, they end up liking the same guy. Le sigh.

It told the 'real' story behind the wicked and good witch and how they came about. I want to go see it again.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goodbye Kitty

[crying] I just printed my return receipt for my Hello Kitty machine. Tonight I attended my 1st sewing class. The instructor handed out a sewing basic supplies list consisting of what qualities we should look for in a sewing machine. HK didn't cut it. Wah!

So now I'm on the hunt for a new sewing machine. I'm just so sad that the HK machine is limited in what it does. Maybe I'll slap on some HK stickers on the machine. heehee

She spent the next hour explaining what we'll be making for the next 6 weeks, types of fabrics and how they're made along with a bunch of terms that got me confizzled. Overall, I'm pretty excited what I'll be making even though I won't be caught dead walking out in it. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Simply Vera

I was elated to find out one of my favorite wedding gown designers, Vera Wang will be releasing a more afforadable collection at Kohls, Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Her current ready to wear collection and bridal collection is out of my wallets reach. I love how romantic and feminine clothes are. I scream with excitement on the inside when I see her Kohls ads in magazines knowing full well that this time, I can buy something Vera even if I can't afford her gowns.

Since I couldn't get to the store for the opening on Sun, Sept. 9th; I decided to go shopping online. Her clothes are just amazing and look like they're from the runway and very New York sophisticate. Velvet and purple are the colors to wear for fall w/ feminine dresses to keep you warm and stylish by layering. She even has accessories, handbags, shoes, lingerie and a home collection. Price is isn't so bad but not as cheap as Bitten.

The sad thing is that I didn't bust out my credit card and buy, buy, buy. What held me back? Let's just say, I'm just not ready to wear/shop/buy fall clothing yet. Living in L.A. from now till Oct. I can still sport my sandals and tank tops. Sorry Vera, maybe in a couple of months. The sad thing is that starting tomorrow, her stuff goes on sale, 30% off. Booo.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Addicted to Blogging are You?

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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Good thing, I'm only 67%. Otherwise the hubs is going to leave me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

May & Scott's Wedding

Last night I was kindly invited to witness May and Scott exchange vows. The venue was fabulous and right next to the beach. Their ceremony had me in tears and the set up was very intimate w/ 150 friends and family. The weather was absolutely perfect and the view was amazing. It was a simple and elegant event with personal touches.

The crazy thing about these two is that they are both twins. Scott has a twin sister and May is twins with Way (who is also married to a twin). What are the chances and how crazy is that? And no they didn't meet at a twins convention, they met at work. Their entrance song was appropriately 'The Office'. Too freaking cute.

I had a chance to bump into a friend and play catch up. What a small world. D and I had such a great time and we boogied on down. Congrats to you both and may you both have lotsa twins!

venue - The Adamson House in Malibu
caterer - Event Professionals
photog - Next Exit Photography
video - Thomas Buckley
hair/makeup - Sherry Yong
music - Jamiee at Edge Entertainment
flowers/decorations - DIY

cake - Portos

I found Neemo!

What a cra-haz-zy way to end the week. Last Thurs, D's company held a private party for their employees and Dealers at Disneyland. Afterwork, I waited for traffic to die down before I headed down. When I got there, they were kicking people out and were shoving us to the private showing of Fantasmic. It was awesome but w/ his company touches.

Immediately after Fantasmic, we were releashed to roam about the park. Of course I started running to Finding Neemo which is across the park. Made it there in 1 minute w/ D in tow. That ride brought back memories when my parents used to take me on the Submarine ride and I could barely reach the window so my dad had to hold me up. I remember the mermaids swimming by and lots of fake fishes. And yes I found Neemo!

Save Yoda, I must.

On Sat, with the hubs we met up with Gonger, Wifezilla, and Will for our tasting of Pizzeria Osteria. I had made reservations about a month ago and after our stunning dinner at Osteria Mozza, we had to try next door. You can see the pics here.

It was quite disappointing to say the least. Altho, the crust was awesome and THIN. The dessert was delish and decadent. I'll leave it at that.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sewing Basics

I did it! I signed up for sewing classes where I will formally learn how to sew. I learned how to use a heavy duty machine when my family sold me to the sweat shops. I used to sew cuffs to shirts, collars, sleeves to the shirt, etc. I only did what I was told. Now I get to learn this:

Courses: Arts: Creative Skills

Sewing Basics [3311X]

Calling all those who want to start sewing or who use to sew and want to again. This is the perfect course to get your machine, and you, humming. Students will learn machine sewing by making small projects such as pillowcases and shoe bags. Types of machines and purchasing options will be discussed at the first class. Students provide their own machine at the second class. $10 materials fee payable to the presenter in class; and additional supplies will be needed for the projects.

Wooohooo. I can't wait, classes start next Thurs and I'm sure my Hello Kitty sewing machine can't wait to come out and play.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clean House

All weekend D and I watched Clean House on the Style Network. The crew comes in and removes the clutter out of the house; sells their stuff at a yard sale; and at the end, they use the funds, match it and uses it towards redecorating the family's home. We were appalled at how other families lived with so much clutter. They showed an episode of the family with the WORST mess ever. This one family had five garbage bins of stuff, and kept trying to put stuff back into the house. I have to say, after seeing that episode, I feel so much better that our place isn't so bad.

It inspired us to clean up our apt some more. Again I went to Ikea and bought a bigger craft desk. Did laundry, got rid of some boxes and clutter (stuff we didn't need anymore). And tossed a whole mess of stuff. After multiple rounds to the trash bin, our place is now clutter free! Everything we have now has a home.

I'm super excited that now I have a desk to do all my crafts and sewing. I can't wait. Now I need to start signing up for a sewing class. There's so much room now that Teddy was super excited to run around the living room several times hoping I'd chase after him.

I'm thinking about submitting my BIL's house to the show. He lives alone, three bedrooms, a formal dining room, a kitchen, dining room and living room. EVERY ROOM is full of stuff. What? Computer parts and I have no idea what else. You can barely sit in his living room. We can't stay there whenever we're visiting up north. It's terrible. Sorry BIL but you really need help.

Home is now sweet.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is following other celebrities, start their own clothing line; Bitten. Except her concept is that nothing is over $20. It'll be a little bit of SJP and some Carrie. I was so excited to see the collection that Kgo and I went to the only Steve and Barrys in my area.

The store front kinda reminds me of Old Navy. Steve and Barrys have REALLY affordable clothing and accessories. If I was a struggling college student, this is where I would shop. Great casual and trendy pieces for an affordable price. Her collection was really cute. Quality isn't so bad. Slightly better than Forever 21. At least there's no clothing made of PVC or polyester. I only picked up a regular tshirt and a sleeveless black blouse perfect for the office. Kgo bought several pieces citing her Sacramento ppl will be soo jealous. I wanted that shirt, "Fashion is not a luxury" but they were sold out. Booo!

Wan's Baby Shower

We threw a baby shower in honor of our fabulous friend Wan. We all gathered at for some tea & sandwiches, laughs, and of course baby games. We had a private patio where we can be as loud as we want. The tea set was catered by Patina.

Weezermonkey, Married Not Buried, and Wan have a great recap.

Wan looked amazing and had a fabulous glow about her. I hope that I'll look as fantastic as she does when the time comes. Congrats Wan, we all can't wait to be aunties.

Invitations designed by: Confessions of the Pink Obsessed
Centerpieces, Table Decor & Coordination: Ricci
Favor Bags designed & printed: My Candy Paper
Baby Shower Games: Married Not Buried
Guestbook: Tasty Tater Talks
Cupcakes baked w/ love: Say it, don't spray it!
Venue: Kinara Spa & Cafe
Pro Photog: Jeff S. Lee
Food: Patina Catering
Favors: Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Strawberry Pocky, and Orion Choco Pie
Menu, Toys, Prizes, & coordination: Moi

Thank you Ricci for your help and coordination. It couldn't have been done w/o you my dear!