Monday, September 10, 2007

I found Neemo!

What a cra-haz-zy way to end the week. Last Thurs, D's company held a private party for their employees and Dealers at Disneyland. Afterwork, I waited for traffic to die down before I headed down. When I got there, they were kicking people out and were shoving us to the private showing of Fantasmic. It was awesome but w/ his company touches.

Immediately after Fantasmic, we were releashed to roam about the park. Of course I started running to Finding Neemo which is across the park. Made it there in 1 minute w/ D in tow. That ride brought back memories when my parents used to take me on the Submarine ride and I could barely reach the window so my dad had to hold me up. I remember the mermaids swimming by and lots of fake fishes. And yes I found Neemo!

Save Yoda, I must.

On Sat, with the hubs we met up with Gonger, Wifezilla, and Will for our tasting of Pizzeria Osteria. I had made reservations about a month ago and after our stunning dinner at Osteria Mozza, we had to try next door. You can see the pics here.

It was quite disappointing to say the least. Altho, the crust was awesome and THIN. The dessert was delish and decadent. I'll leave it at that.


WeezerMonkey said...

I like Nemo b/c he is orange, but Disneyland is so hard for me to stomach. :P

That pizza crust looks so bready! I can't believe it was thin!

dapotato said...

disneyland + alcohol is always better than just disneyland.

winnie said...

Whee! I love Disneyland when I only go once every 5 years.

R said...

I wanted to ride that when we went but the line was 2 hours long! Disneyland with alcohol would have been better. ;)

amber said...

ditto the tater.