Thursday, April 03, 2008

I heard the most funniest thing while in puppy training last night. There was a 3 yo kid holding his mommy's hand walking through the store.

kid: Look horsey!
mom: No honey, that's a doggie.
kid: Horsey!

The kid was pointing at Brownie, the Doberman. I busted up laughing in the middle of class while the instructor was trying to teach Brownie to stay.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm behind on blogging. What else is new. Le sigh. I need to stop making friends. My wkends are now consisting of meeting w/ a friend to catch up, birthday party, wedding, some type of shower, or wedding.

Last Sat - I went to a wedding at New Capital.

The centerpiece we brought home. 'nuff said.

Sun - baked Peanut Carob Isabooscoti for the pups and some blueberry muffins recommended by Karen.

The pups loved their treats. Every time I reached for them, they would do my bidding. Sorry the muffins aren't as pretty as tater's cupcakes but they were quite delish since this recipe consisted of NO butter or cinnamon. I'm still trying to figure it out but it tastes really moist. A lil on the oily side. Nevertheless still yum.

This past Sat - Get a phone call from grandma claiming that tomorrow is the Qingming Festival. Since I was meeting up w/ Kannie to plan Jannie's baby shower and then heading over to flower mart, I thought I could pick up some flowers for the offering. We spent the morning looking for flowers to be displayed on our desks. Flowers just makes the week work mucho better.

Later on that evening we attended Jessica + Wilson's engagement party at Universal Hilton. It's where Mr. Cee and I got married at. The engagement party was like a wedding consisting of 100 guests, speeches and family introductions, lots of wine, and an 8 min slide show that Jessica put together of "How Wilson Proposed".

The wedding party

Jannie who's 6 mths preggo. OMG. I can't believe it. I'm going to be an auntie.

Sun - Woke up early to get ready to head out to Rose Hills Cemetery to meet my family for the Qingming Festival. It's against Mr. Cee's religion to attend this festival since it consists of praying to our ancestors. As usual my family runs on Asian Time = 1 hr late.

My brother and grandfather are buried at the same terrace just a few steps away. The cemetery was packed w/ families to pay their respects to their ancestors. We brought tons of food, incense and paper to burn and offering to my grandfather and brother. After we finished the burning the joss paper, we all sat down and had a picnic. I know it sounds crazy to have a picnic at a cemetery but it's also a celebration. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

I was late to my next appt thanks to the late start. I had to go home pick up Mr. Cee and headed out to South Bay for a late brunch w/ a dear friend and her husband. The breakfast was yummy w/ huge portions. Sigh. I still want that waffle. After brunch, headed over to Fabric Barn to buy some ribbon for Jannie's Baby Shower, Jessica's Bridal Shower and for Amy's wedding. Wheee, I <3 shopping for ribbon.

Then met up with another friend to play some catch up and did some grocery shopping at Marukai. whew. what a wkend. I'm still recovering.