Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June 10, 2006

Yay!!! Teddy's tuxedo came in the mail today! I'm sooo excited. I ordered it from ebay. He's gonna be such a cute ring bearer.

OMG, he looks so freaking cute. Is it wrong to want to squeeze him tight?

It comes w/ a top hat but he doesn't like it. it's ok. I think he looks handsome already.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The day is finally here! Way and Kevin are getting married at the Athenaeum Caltech, Pasadena. It was so beautiful and she looked so gorgeous. They wrote their own vows. The ceremony was nice and simple. It was a very touching ceremony. As D would say, I was multitasking, crying and taking pics at the same time. That explains alot since some pictures were really blurry. oops.

Immediately after the ceremony was cocktail and h'ordourves. It was alot of fun b/c I got to see alot of aunts and uncles I haven't seen since I was a kid. What was also neat was that Way displayed wedding pictures of her parents and grandparents, Kevin's parents and granparents.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Way's sister May, threw her a bridal tea shower at the Pasadena Huntington Ritz Carlton. The site itself is beautiful. We were seated next the to window and got a gorgeous view of the San Gabriel valley. I wish I could have my wedding here but we cannot afford it. My mom also attended the event and this was her first time. She had alot of fun and enjoyed the tea sandwiches and yummies that were accompanied. We had such a fun time playing games, like guess how old Way was, and telling stories about her. I got to meet some really nice girls. Way is going to be such a beautiful bride.

May 19, 2006

I loved the monogram cake toppers w/ the crystals. It's really different from the typical cheesy bride and groom. Everyone has different tastes. But I didn't want to spend over $80 for them for the metal plated one being sold at weddingcuts.com or other sites. I found a vendor who made them from wood, it's just the same, just a lil more elbow grease to decorate. I also ordered the famous 'I DO' letters for our cake table.

I received them today and when I opened up the box, i was brought to tears at how beautiful it came out. Ed did a wonderful job. He was really patient and helpful with helping me figure what designs and size to choose from. He can do anything your heart desires. And he has plenty of samples.

Letters from Ed

The famous 'I DO' letters

knottie Monkees_meow cake

Monogram/letter vendor
Edward Reitler

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where have I been???

Ok it's been ages since I've posted so I'm going to recap a months worth of activites and stuff. It's alot

Friday,May 26, 2006

Today kicks off the Memorial 3day wkend and I'm taking half day off to rush down to Torrance to pick up D for knottie Cliffy's wedding down in Newport Beach aboard The Destiny. It started out as a gloomy day and the clouds dispersed to show a clear beautiful blue sky.

Thank goodness b/c they have endured a very dramatic day before their 'big day'. The night before I recieved a phone call from a very emotional Ms. Cliffy. She told me that Mr. Cliffy totalled his car! WTF? OMG. Is he ok? Yes, he's fine, Ms. Cliffy just dropped him off at the hotel where he's staying at since they won't see each other till the ceremony. Mr. Cliffy had fallen asleep at the wheel after hanging out w/ his buddies so late after rehersal dinner. He had lost his tux along w/ his ID during the crash. They had to go back to the crash site to look for his missing items. That's just really scary to know that right before the big day, you don't get much sleep from doing so much stuff.

The next day their wedding went w/o a hitch. The boat was absolutely beautiful. Too bad some people get sea sick very easily. Ms. Cliffy was gorgeous when she walked down the aisle. I nearly wanted to cry. D and I had a lot of fun, the food was fantastic. I got the job of taking poloroids of the guests for the guest book. alot of the guests decided that they liked their photos and kept them! So needless to say, their guest book was kinda empty. I feel pretty bad about that. Here are some photos to lull you over.