Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goodbye Kitty

[crying] I just printed my return receipt for my Hello Kitty machine. Tonight I attended my 1st sewing class. The instructor handed out a sewing basic supplies list consisting of what qualities we should look for in a sewing machine. HK didn't cut it. Wah!

So now I'm on the hunt for a new sewing machine. I'm just so sad that the HK machine is limited in what it does. Maybe I'll slap on some HK stickers on the machine. heehee

She spent the next hour explaining what we'll be making for the next 6 weeks, types of fabrics and how they're made along with a bunch of terms that got me confizzled. Overall, I'm pretty excited what I'll be making even though I won't be caught dead walking out in it. Stay tuned.


WeezerMonkey said...

I'm sad HK didn't make the cut. :(
We need to get you some decals!

R said...

That's OK. You can definitely supe (sp?) up your new machine with HK. Glad you like the class so far.

dapotato said...

i'll wear your karaokefest. not on a regular day.

bye bye, HK. r.i.p.

winnie said...

Booooo. Yes, some stickers will do.

wan-nabe said...

i actually sported a few creations i whipped up from patterns a number of years ago.


I(dot)J said...

Watch out Vera Wang.. there's another designer on the move!

kewpie said...

Sad face about your HK machine...that sucks! Is one of your projects pet costumes? Maybe you can make Tedster an entire outfit to go with his hat for Halloween!

California Girl said...

Sadness for the kitty!!

Well, she knows she's the cutest machine out there :)

amber said...


HK stickers it is!

btw, i took a picture just for you while in hawaii. there was a certain display in an ABC store and it screamed out your name. pic coming soon :)