Monday, July 30, 2007

Tansformers. More than meets the eye.

On Sat morning, I went to a Lisa See book signing a the Barnes & Noble in Tustin for her new book Peony in Love. This is her 7th book in print. I was just super excited to meet her in person since I read On Gold Mountain. I felt a connection when I read the book. My great grandfather like hers, came to California to build the railroad and to better their lives since California aka, Gold Mountain, was where you would find riches. Like everyone else, that dream was shattered when they realized that gold couldn't be plucked off the ground and he returned home to China. Lisa's grandfather stayed and build his life by opening a curios shop and marrying a Caucasian woman. He then moved down to L.A. Chinatown and opened up shop there and later on, two more stores in Pasadena and Long Beach. To this day, it still exists which is currently managed by Lisa's uncle. I practically grew up in Chinatown and remember going into that store w/ my parents when I was a kid. It always amazes me to read the history behind my culture. I don't know why but I just love it. It's sad to realize that one day, that piece of history may no longer be there.

I wish I had brought my book, On Gold Mountain for her to sign. But I couldn't find it. Either I lost it when I moved or one of my cousins borrowed it and hasn't [never] will return it. Sigh....I guess I order another copy.

Lisa was a great speaker at the event. Very entertaining, even D had a great time. She explained the background and research behind her new book Peony in Love. It's about a story of Maidens in China who fall in love w/ the lyrics from The Peony Pavillion, an epic opera and wastes away as a result since they will never have the chance to fall in love since they are in arranged marriages.

I did pick up a copy and one for Mei. I'm sure she'll love it. First I have to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows first.

D and I finally had a chance to watch it on Sat night at our local theater, the old Alhambra Edwards. Brings back HS memories of the days when we used to movie hop. I digress.

Best. Movie. Ever. Josh Duhamel is dam smoking as usual. Shiloh LeBeouf has grown up a lot and is hilarious as a teenager w/ raging hormones can be. I noticed there are some inconsistencies w/ the movie like where the hell are Optimus Prime and the others when Bumblebee lost his legs? The best scenes are when they transform. So cool and awesome. I want to go see it again. But first, must watch Ratatouille.


R said...

The books sound interesting. And how cool that you got to hear the backstory behind her latest book. I think that's awesome.

Speaking of awesome...Transformers!!! Makes me feel like a big kid but I really liked that movie too. Hee.

amber said...

That is so cool you got to meet Lisa See. I have Snow Flower and Secret Fan, but haven't read it yet. I really love reading novels that heavily incoporate Asian culture (be it Chinese, Japanese, etc) and am looking forward to reading the book. :-)