Friday, July 27, 2007

Nordstroms' Anniversary Sale

Last night I went on a returning spree for all the clothes or shall i say lingerie for the b-pics. I ended up returning $100 worth of merchandise. Instead of leaving like I planned to, I went to Sports Chalet to buy D some shoes for tennis. He was complaining about his running shoes aren't cutting it on the court. So the nice wifey that I am bought him a new pair of New Balance tennis shoes with the help of the sales boy.

I finally got a chance to hit up the anniversary sale at Nordies despite Kristie's disappointment when she went. Yep, I found nothing to buy. Most of the stores in the mall are already carrying fall clothing. I'm not ready for fall yet, I'm just getting started on my summer. sigh...

But I did purchase my first set of pearl studs at Nords. I feel so grown up now. I thought they would look great w/ my dress for tater's wedding next weekend. I can't wait!

Majorica Pearl Studs/8mm, photo Saks 5th Avenue $45

New Balance CT1002 Tennis Shoe Mens

All in all, not bad. I controlled my spending. I felt like I needed to something nice to wear. Also, when I meet vendors, I can wear pearls and look all grown up so that they'll take me seriously.

Forever 21 Florencia Dress $27.80

I can't wait to wear my newly purchased dress from F21. It reminds me of Springchic's wedding. Her wedding was absolutely fabulous.

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