Monday, May 01, 2006

Knottie GTGs

I so love them. It gives me a chance to get to know the girls who I talk to all day a face. The very first one I went to was really uncomfortable but eventually it got easier. D thinks it's totally hilarious that I get on the knot and chat w/ this girls all day w/ random things.

Sunday, April 29, 2006

We met at Wokcano in Old Town Pasadena organized by Wan-naBe, since her DH was out of town. They put us out in the patio and we just started talking and laughing so loud that they turned up the music to drown us out. OMG, the stories I could tell. I just can't beleive Clif&me's first wedding. Talk about ghetto. Holy Shit. The pastor comes down the ailse doing the electric slide in his metallic suit, her aunt is drunk walks up I'i while she's walking down the ailse and tells her that she loves her and thinks she's absolutely beautiful. Not only that, her uncle was videotaping the whole thing. Well, apparently the uncle got really bored of it so he starts taping himself booging. lol....i never laughed so hard where I had to go pee and didn't want to leave the table for fear that i'd miss something.

Oh and Pee&Bea shared her story about her boss, whom they call "lord of the rings" ROFLMAO what a winner. we took so many random pics. We were there from 5-8:45. Seriously didn't want it to end. Hopefully we'll do this again real soon.

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