Monday, May 22, 2006

Calm soothing sounds

I've done a lot of researching on centerpieces hoping I would find a cheaper alternative to the regular floral ones. There were some slight problems w/ the regular centerpieces.

1. Cost per centerpiece is $45+ (since we have 30 tables, it's $45 x 30 tables = $1,575) ouch!

2. Lazy susan. Since we're having a 10 course meal w/ the lazy susan, most restaurants take off the centerpiece from the table to make room for the dishes. As a result, would waste the $45 centerpiece placed on the floor for no one to enjoy. [:(]

3. and lastly, $1,575 for centerpieces just isn't worth it. I would rather use that for better food or entertainment.

I decided to head to downtown one morning hoping to come up w/ my own centerpiece.
Target budget: $10
Degree of difficulty: easy and quick
and NO FAKE FLOWERS (ew to that)

so pretty, a field of orchids

Moskatels vases: $1.75
Roses: $5
Filler flowers: $3
Result: not all that great looking.

What to do? I've been racking my brain for ages. And found this on the knot.

photo courtesy of knottie Joobee

Unfortunately they don't sell them anymore at Pier1. She had bought them on sale for $10. So I have started the hunt!

I found it! It's not quite the same as hers but just as good.

photo courtesy of knottie Young_Love

I might do something similar to Young_Love but not sure yet. Will work on that around August. I already ordered them and they're sitting in the garage waiting to be opened and turned on for a calming waterfountain effect. aaaaaaaaahhhhh....

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StefiP said...

Hopefully, if those are on the lazy susan's, the tea lights will remain lit instead of blowing out and the water won't slosh around!