Thursday, May 25, 2006

Walking down the aisle

There are so many choices when to decorate the ceremony and the aisle is one of them. It's the most important aspect of the wedding b/c this is where you will walk down to where at the end is your future husband is waiting at the altar. This is the time for you to shine as a bride. All eyes are on you. As frightening as it sounds, I just hope that I don't trip.

Option #1
Aisle w/ some light or heavy petals.

Option #2
Aisle runner w/ petals


such a beautiful effect. But as always there are problems with the aisle runner. How dangerous it is if it isn't secured down b/c you might trip over it or if the wind picks up, petals and all will start to blow away.

I really like the monogramed aisle runners. It personalizes the ceremony alot.


I think it would look fantastic that we could incorporate our invitations into the ceremony. I absolutely love it. I wonder if I could pull it off. Plus I could do one for the reception red carpeting with the words that say: "From this day forward...."

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