Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What a doozie

I'm surfing the knot today and we're talking about photographers and places to take e-pics. Well, there was this site posted to show ie of her work. Lo and behold, I see John and Steph's e-pics. OMFG!!! They're getting married?! HOLY SHIT. I guess I shouldn't be shocked, they've been together forever, I just never thought it would be true, I just never liked her and thought John deserved better. I can't believe it. And they're getting married the same year as me. It makes me think of J. Will I ever get over him? My first true love? I dunno. But everytime something associated w/ him comes up, I start freaking out and hyperventillating. Especially when I talked to J's dad the other day b/c officially now I own my car. I no longer have any ties w/ THAT family.

maybe I should schedule an appt. w/ them. I know I should just drop it and forget about that family. I don't know why I hold onto it. They made my life a living hell. I've never been so depresses like that before. I guess Jacky was right, if it wasn't for that family, I wouldn't have started seeing a psych.

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