Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh what a weekend! Starting Fri, March 31, 2006

Friday night was Mei's last night in L.A. and she had to catch a ride back up to Berkely early the next morning. So we took her to have some Shanghainese food, yum Shaolung bao. Eventhough we did spend a little time w/ each other, it was totally worth it. It was really good to see her again. She got to see our new apt. as cozy and messy it was, she really liked it. Plus Teddy was so excited to see her again too!

So Sat downtown shopping was cancelled since Mei was leaving already, D woke up w/ a major cold. It was really early and raining and since we don't have groceries yet, I went out in search of jook for him. Garden was open but didn't really feel like getting anything from there. Went down to Har Lam Kee, closed. Darn! Hey, JJ was open and they have some really good prices. So I picked up a HK breakfast, jook, ham and macaroni soup, luncheon meat sandwich, hot milk tea, and hot honey lemon for D. Well, stupid me wore my jcrew slippers which are so worn down that have no traction, so I knew I had to becareful when I walked outside since it was still raining. I carried the two bags out walking ever so carefully. I looked down at one of the bags to make sure it wasn't going to leak, then *swishhhhh* I fall flat on my ass on the concrete hitting my head and the food spilling into the bag. OH no!!!!!!! The chef came running out to help me and asked if I was ok. I had the wind knocked out of me. Still completely confused, the chef grabbed the bag of food from me, and started to replace the food that had spilled. Awww,he was such a nice guy. At this time, I still didnt' know what hit me. I feel so stupid and probably looked like a retard w/ my butt all wet and the side of my jacket w/ stains. This blows. So basically I spent the whole day home tending to D and playing w/ Teddy.

Sunday, April 2, 2006
Woke up really early to make sure I make it on time. It's spring forward the time so I ended up losing an hour of sleep. yawn. Picked up mom and headed over to Jannie's house. We all piled into the car caravaning to downtown to hit Santee st. Started at Cinderella store. Kannie, Amy, and Jessica started trying on dresses that Jannie and I started picking out.

These are all ok but alas, no they're not the one.

Jannie's BM dresses
this dress is definitely cute but Jannie decided on this dress

So we left the store and proceeded w/ our quest. I still have BM and MOB dress. Jannie was all done. Lucky. We stopped at Christie's since I've heard so much about them from the knot. I immediately liked this one. So I had Jessica try this on.
It looks perfect but in pink!

Yay! I'm done w/ BM dresses. Now for my mom since we were all being really picky. I didn't want my mom looking like a drab nor too covered. Then we saw this and had to have her try this on!

She looks so good in this dress. I can't beleive it, she was happy w/ it eventhough it was pretty revealing (i don't think so)

Overall we were really productive and got everything we needed done! yay!!!!

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