Monday, October 01, 2007

Doggone Weekend

Weekend Update


D and I went to the LA County Fair for our date night. I was super excited since Wan told me that they would sell sewing machines at show prices. It's been ages since I've been so I thought why not? We hopped in the car, parked in BFE and ate like pigs, a 12 in sausage hot dog and a cube of curly fries the size of my head. Carnival food is the best. Yum. Sorry no pics, I forgot my camera.
I got to try several machines and opted for the Janome, The Heart Truth 2008 model. I was clapping w/ glee at all the stuff I could do with this machine. It's a new model dedicated to promoting women and heart disease. A great way to spend my money for a good cause. yay! Good bye Singer (you suck!), hello better machine.


I've been searching for new fabric stores to hit so I dragged D w/ me out to the westside to F&S Fabrics. They had an alright selection. Slightly costs more than the fabrics in Downtown. So I left empty handed since there wasn't anything I liked. But we did see something outside which I thought was cute so I had to take a pic.

Afterwards we headed to Crumbs! Thanks to twentysomething's review on their cupcakes, I had to taste why it totally blows Sprinkles out of the water. Their cupcakes are huge. Since I'm on a semi diet, I controlled myself and ordered the:

Artie Lange (from Howard Stern Show) cupcake - vanilla sponge cake with chocolate buttercream filling and Crumbs signature vanilla frosting topped with a layer of chocolate fondant and then finished with chocolate and vanilla sprinkles around the edge

Red Velvet - Traditional red velvet cake frosted with vanilla cream cheese frosting and drizzled in chocolate with red sprinkles around the edge and a cherry to finish it off

Blackout - Rich chocolate cake filled with a creamy mixture of chocolate buttercream and ganache. The cupcake is frosted with a layer of Crumbs signature chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate crumbs and then drizzled with chocolate

Oreo - Heavenly chocolate cake frosted with Crumbs signature vanilla buttercream with crushed Oreos mixed in the frosting and decorated with large chunks of Oreo cookies.

So far we only tasted the Blackout (moist and perfectly sweet), Red Velvet (moist and the frosting wasn't overwhelming the cake), the Strawberry (tastes like the Strawberry Pocky but in cupcake form) and Hostess mini which we tried at the store. So dam good. They DO blow Sprinkles out of the water. Even D who isn't much of a sweets person, said these are the best tasting cupcakes he has ever had. (Sorry Dots, we still love you)

Since I didn't find anything at F&S, we drove over to Michael Levine, my default fabric/craft store. That's where I found Amy Butler fabrics. Her fabrics are so pretty and I can't believe she's from the midwest. She also has some great tutorials on making purses, bags, dresses, and some hats. EEEEE I can't wait for my next project, a pleated clutch.


Pei Pei threw her pug, Bailey her first bday doggie party at Parkbench Cafe in Huntington Beach. All doggie attendees received doggie treats and lots of play time. Brunch was so yummy and they even have a puppy menu. Too cute.

After brunch we headed over to the dog park. This park is so huge that we got lost even w/ directions from our waiter. So we just found a nice secluded spot and let the doggies run free tossing tennis balls and lots of treats to be handed out.
This was so much fun that we decided to do it again. So we'll be hosting the next one. Teddy can't wait.
If you'd like your puppy to come to the next one let me know. I'll send you the invite when I have the date set.


Ricci said...

dahahahaha! doggie b-day parties! you're such the socialite! ;)

WeezerMonkey said...


dapotato said...

teddy is adorable next to the sewing machine!

amber said...

all these posts about sewing are making me want to learn how to sew. i need another hobby like i need a hole in the head! :p

California Girl said...

OMG, a doggy party! How freaking fun!

Trisha said...

Gosh, I totally need to learn how to sew!!

BTW, I'm glad you loved Crumbs. Seriously, it's taken a lot for me to not visit there since the opening day :p

R said...

A doggie party. Oh man! I've never heard of anyone doing that before. I'll bet Teddy had a blast!

wan-nabe said...

i so can't decide which part of your weekend was the best. it was all good!