Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shopping during lunch

is a dangerous combo. Last week I had to get out of the office during my lunch hour and escape the insanity. I went to Phoenix Food Boutique for their yummy quick lunch. I had their beef with string beans over rice. It was heaven. And it's not the typical chinese fast food sitting on the steam table. It's made to order. I was good and controlled my portions and ate only half and boxed the rest to save for tomorrow's lunch.

I still have some time so away I went to this new store that has been catching my eye every morning on my 15 min commute to work.

I pulled up to the front of the store and realized, they have Tarina Tarantino accessories! Oh. My. God. I practically stumbled inside the store. I got to meet the owner Mike who is an authorized Tarina seller. His store had all my favorite girly stuff. This is bad. I wanted to buy everything in the store. They had majority of the tiaras from her line and her new collection in their show room. I walked in deeper and found Juicy Couture goodies from clothes to bags. Le sigh....I'm in heaven.

Since Mike and I had a great chat, he offered me 15% off anything in the store. Hells no am I going to turn that down. I happily walked out of the store w/ this piece from her new Lolita Pink Head Collection:


WeezerMonkey said...


amber said...

score! great job on the 15% discount too :)

wan-nabe said...

oooh, HK AND juicy couture in the same place?? don't ever tell me where this place is. i'm not googling it, either.

R said...

Yay for food and shopping!

ballin_axehammer said...

Hi Lilcee! Ballin'axehammer here - we met at weezermonkey's blogparty. will you email me, I was wondering if you wanted a HK hookup for December 2nd - let me know if you are free that day and i'll send you the info.