Thursday, October 04, 2007

Week 4: Pillow case

I brought my brand spanking new sewing machine. Everyone noticed my machine. My classmate screamed w/ glee at how much more stitches I had compared to hers. Even the instructor noticed and asked me if it was new. Hee hee.

Tonight we assembled pillow cases. Which proved difficult. There are simply too many steps from sewing, pressing, measuring, cutting, marking and then back to sewing .

Thank goodness I bought and extra yard so that I can make another pillow case for DK. My classmates really liked the fabric and again asked where I got it from. Even the instructor knew that Amy Butler designed my fabric. Her stuff is so pretty. I'm so glad that I found it at Michael Levine. I'll be definitely be hitting it again this weekend since I have to get some more supplies for next week's class.

Halfway through class the teacher sat down to chat w/ me asking me why I bought a new machine. I told her that DK and I went to the L.A County fair for our date night and a friend told me that last time she was there, they had sewing machines. I got to test out other brands and ended loving the Janome HT2008.

I finished the pillow case by the time class ended. This project took me awhile to finish but I learned a lot tonight and how to do the French Seam. I'm really excited that now I can make pillow cases to my heart's content. Can't wait to start on my second one.

Pillow case in action

I'm still trying to perfect the clutch so I made another one. This time taking down notes and assembling it slowly that that everything lines up. Hopefully it'll be nice enough to give away.


WeezerMonkey said...

Ahhh! Sock monkeys!
Your sewing is so cool!

dapotato said...

nice work!
no wonder some of our vendors charge so much for pillows. I didn't know so much was involved. i thought cut two squares, slap 'em together. ;)

winnie said...

Like Tater, I thought making pillowcase involves sewing two pieces of fabrics together :) Yours look fab!

Trisha said...

That's really neat! I love your pillowcases and the clutches are really cool. Now I know who's going to be giving the cool presents at Christmas and birthdays :)

Nanette said...

So cute! I'm very impressed!

wan-nabe said...

OMG, the sock monkeys are so adorable. and nice job on the pillowcases! i wish i had the patience for sewing.

amber said...

the pillowcase looks like it turned out really well :) and i love the fabric -- so pretty!

R said...

So was your instructor impressed? 'Cause I am. :)