Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've been a very bad blogger lately. I already broke my resolution in trying to blog at least 3x a week. Apparently laziness + busy schedule = zero posts. boo. I'll try a little harder this week.

Tatou Supper Club - One of the owners of the club was hosting a private party for his friends to celebrate Chinese New Year at Tatou. Back in the hey day, it was known as Club Soho. It was one of my old stomping grounds when I barely turned 21. My girlfriends and I practically owned that club. Now, it has been revamped to Tatou Supper Club, and my how much has changed. I realized how old we are when D and I hit the dance floor. Everyone looked like they were barely 21. sigh.

Appetizer buffet

Exerpt taken from Citysearch:

"Hell's Kitchen" winner Michael Wray has added a Latin tinge to the restaurant's corporate Wokcano menu, including favorites like sliced filet mignon, pan-seared striped bass, and a honey-walnut dish that the staff lovingly refers to as "shrimp crack." The restaurant also holds jaw-dropping athletic dance battles. The main dance floor features looming palm trees and a giant Doric column. As dancers bounce to Top 40 and salsa, ubiquitous plasma screens display music videos, and scantily-clad women perform on elevated stages.

Yoshi's first day of class - We have been unofficially training Yoshi at home but felt that we needed more outside. We signed up at our local Petsmart. The first day of class was jam packed w/ 4 small puppies and two giant dogs, a greyhound and german shephard who kept barking at each other. The instructor, Marysia had to pull boxes on display to create stalls for them.

Class instruction was more for the humans, the correct language and tone to usage, the introduction of a clicker, and how to massage your dog to calm them down. Eventually it got so boring that the greyhound keeled over and started snoring. Dahahahaha! He's behind the shopping cart if u wanna see.

Marysia introduced herself and the clicker to each dog by giving them a handful of treats every time they touched the clicker w/ their nose.

Yoshi giving Marysia the utmost attention. Maybe she'll give him those treats in her hand as he sits quietly.

At the ended of the class she handed out homework. WTF? We have homework? Dammit. This dog better be worth it cuz the last time I had HW was in college.

Vday Weekend - D and I don't really celebrate Valentine's since it we have always kept it low key. This wkend I decided to make him something nice. Instead of going to our usual brunch haunt, I decided to make him a quiche. It turned out really delicious full of flavor. I just followed the Ham and Cheese Quiche recipe. I substituted 4 eggs and a pre-made pie crust and added caramelized onions, zucchini and extra cheese.

D loved and requests that I make it at least once a month. The next one, I think I'll add gruyere, spinach, and bacon. Yum.


dapotato said...

dying at the snoring greyhound. what's a clicker? i thought it opened garage doors or changed the channel.

Winnie said...

Damn, homework? Seriously?

wan-nabe said...

you have far more patience than i do with the obedience school thing. hmm, maybe that's why molly's such a bitch.

MissMissy said...

Is that "the" Forever 21 shirt blogged about??? Very cute!
I need to get Duncan to training! I love Teddy and Yoshi!

amber said...

i'm drooling at the quiche. yummy!

Diabolina said...

eeks love the tunic.

stalking you,