Monday, February 11, 2008

The weekend update

Lots to talk about so let's get to it.

Immediately after work, I hightailed out to Torrance to pick up Denis. We grabbed a quick dinner at El Pollo Inka which was quite disappointing. Mario's is so much better.

We had to get down to Borders in Torrance early for the Lisa Loeb signing of The Purple Tape. In case you youngsters don't know who she is, she's the one who sings Stay from the Reality Bites soundtrack. I totally love that movie and her CD. She was re-releasing the Purple tape on CD since it was originally on a cassette tape. Ancient I know. Lisa came onstage and performed Snow Day, Do You Sleep, Hurricane, and Stay. I assumed that she didn't have any Q&As due to her still being quite sick. Poor thing.
It was a great Friday night to see her perform and meet her. Of course I got her autograph. She complimented on my Pink Head Tarina necklace. EEEEEE!


More unpacking most of the day. My lil cousin Munchi was in town for CNY and of course she paid me a visit. We went out to dinner at CPK cuz we were craving salad. After dinner she wanted to do a sleepover w/ the puppies.


Munchi and I dropped of Mr. Cee at 8am in Chinatown for the Annual Firecracker Run. That gave Munchi and I some time to catchup. Since D's was only a 10k, we decided to head out to Echo Park for the morning, grab a couple of cupcakes at Delilah Bakery. Her storefront is very cute and inside was charming. It had the 1950s decor and home made feel. The red velvet was moist and delish topped w/ the semi sweet cream cheese frosting. It was a perfect balance of sweet and cocoa. So good.
We needed to counter the sugar in our system and headed over to Masa Bakery and Cafe. I've heard great things about the brioche and have been wanting to taste. Their brunch menu isn't the typical pancakes and eggs but great plethora of crepes. Yum. Sorry no pictures since Mr. Cee took my camera.
After our tummies we full, it was time to pick up Mr. Cee. Munchi and I bumped into several friends who were also running the race.

I also saw JP who is on the Firecracker committee cheering on the munchikins running the Kiddie Race. So. Darn.Cute. Maybe next year I'll rejoin the committee. It's been while since I've done any charity work.

Since the weather was perfect, we decided to take Yoshi and Teddy to the Dog Park. This was Y's first time. At first he was scared and wouldn't leave our side. Eventually he started chasing other doggies and making friends. Too cute.

We'll definitely try taking them both out there more. Sad that the weekend has already ended.


Jen said...

Omg, I LOVE Lisa Loeb! That is so cool!

events by ricci said...

aww, puppies! Maybe Mr. Cee and I will race side by side one day with you at the finish line - cupcakes in hand :)

wan-nabe said...

lisa loeb looks just as i remember her. how funny!

what a great weekend - so much fun stuff!

and now i desperately want a red velvet cupcake.

dapotato said...

so much cute furriness!
yay for lisa loeb!
yay for yummy food!

nike runhitremix next year? eh, eh? [nudging cee]

R said...

Love Lisa Loeb's song and loved that movie. Very cool!

The rest of the weekend sounds like fun too. Good weather for the dog park. :)

amber said...

your friday night sounds awesome!! so cool you got to meet lisa loeb :)

alyssa said...

How cool that you met Lisa Loeb! She does look exactly the same! Sounds like a fun weekend! (BTW, I'm just now catching up on all your updates! I added you to my Google Reader, so I won't fall behind :) )