Monday, March 27, 2006

Let them eat cake!

I decided to do cupcakes to cut down the cost of the cake cutting fee. Basically to make it nonexistent since there won't be any and we'll be serving mango pudding too. I wanted to order about 100 for the cupcake tower and a 6in to top the tower.

I decided to try cupcakes from BluRuby

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D said how are we going to serve them? We obviously just have them go up and get their own.
D's response, "chinese ppl will take 2. There won't be enough for anyone and they'll complain." My response, "no way. I don't think so. How could they." So I started thinking and thinking....started freaking out. OMFG. It's true.

So I called Y. my coordinator from the hotel. "OMG, I have a problem and I don't know what to do!" I explained to her the situation and he concurred that they will snatch more than 2 cupcakes! Holy shit! So I meekly asked her if she could nicely waive the cake cutting charges. "Sure, that's not a problem." she replied calmly. WHEW....."Is that all?" she questioned. YES! that is is. She was so relieved and thought it was something a lot worse. lol I feel like sucha Bridezilla.

So now I get to order a tiered cake. Yay!!!!!!!!!

I quickly made an appt w/ Phoenix Bakery b/c I know that alot of pple order their cakes from there and they've been business ever since I could remember eating dim sum at chinatown.

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